Sohini Mitra
Experience and Approach

An experienced Qualitative Research professional, I have been in the Market Research industry for over 20 years, in various Asian markets. My experience is solidly multi - sectoral and I work with categories as diverse as cooking aids, personal care, home care, insurance, education, foods and beverages, cosmetics with equal ease.

My approach to research starts with a clear understanding of Clients’ business issues, growth objectives and challenges– to answer the question “why do we need to do research?” From this emanate the issues to be researched, the objectives, research design and ultimately solutions that address Clients’ growth objectives. Engaging with Clients is integral to the research process and Clients and their needs from the research (and sometimes beyond) remain at the core of every project.

Analysis takes a multi-faceted approach, often including cultural and contextual influences, enabling realistic and value added recommendations as well as adding depth and value to Clients’ understanding of their consumers and the markets they operate in.

Range of products and methods

I work on a wide variety of projects spanning:

•  Branding and communication
•  Usage and attitudes
•  Consumer segmentation
•  Product development and testing including packaging testing
•  Retail and shopper
•  Social issues e.g. attitudes to corporal punishment in schools

The research methods used include conventional techniques as well as online/ digital methods (as appropriate)