The only way to communicate effectively with the wide variety of stakeholders is to take a strategic approach to communications just as you would with functions such as finance, human resources and operations. Failure to take this strategic approach means communicating in a hap-hazard manner with inconsistent messaging and confusion among stakeholders.

Strategic Communication Planning requires:

• Setting communications objects that help the company achieve its institutional goals

• Establishing a benchmark of how stakeholders perceive the company and how the company perceives itself to determine the credibility gap

• Identifying and prioritizing target audiences

• Identifying communications strategies

• Developing details action plan and communication tools to effectively achieve your objectives

• Setting realistic time lines for implementation

• Budget and human resource requirements

• Evaluation and review

Senior Jigsaw Communications staff have wide experience of developing Strategic Communication Plans for such high profile organizations as; Shin Corporations, Bank of Thailand, Ministry of Finance (Office of State Enterprise) and Ministry of Industry (Industrial Works Department).

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