In order to develop targeted, cost effective communications programmes it is essential to understand the market and how people perceive companies and products. Through its dedicated research arm, Jigsaw Communications has the capability of undertaking a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research projects on behalf of its clients and for stand alone research clients these include:

  • Stakeholder perceptions surveys
  • Media surveys
  • Media analysis
  • Market intelligence
  • Research to generate news-that is, the development of research projects that result in clear, relevant, and reliable results, easily explained, with high potential to attract media interest.

Utilizing independent market research professionals Jigsaw Communications Research Department utilizes traditional research methodologies, such as telephone surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups, and street surveys. Research data is then analyzed to identify valuable information in developing communications programmes, and allow the creation of specific strategies and key messages for different target audiences. They also provide a benchmark for measurement of the success of any communication programmes.

Past Clients