Quantitative market research studies are designed to assess, predict, and estimate buyer attitudes and behaviors, used for market sizing, market segmentation, and uncovering "drivers" for brand and product preference.

Quantitative marketing research designs gauge, describe, and forecast quantity. Using a range of sampling strategies, quantitative market research studies often project results of quantitative market surveys to the entire marketplace. Popular quantitative market survey methods in Thailand include: personal quantitative interviews, intercept studies and online surveys which are very small but growing for niche groups. Jigsaw Communications will recommend the most appropriate data collection technique for each client on a project by project basis.

Quantitative Research Data Collection Methods -- Key Strengths

  • In-person:
    Hybrid quantitative/qualitative; depth probing of attitudes and beliefs by skilled interviewers

  • Intercept:
    For both quantitative questions and for choice exercises in mock stores, and for physical product examination and concept testing
  • Online:
    Fast implementation for complex measurement constructions