A crisis can strike any organisation or industry at any time - and has potential to seriously damage a product or company reputation.

Although corporate crises cannot always be predicted, they can be anticipated and smart organisations or industries can prepare for and even prevent some crises. Proper preparedness and management can preserve and protect your company's reputation, brand equity and market share, as well as the confidence of your customers, employees and shareholders.

Much of what a company requires to respond to an issue or crisis can be prepared in advance. It is critical to create proactive and reactive crisis management plans to deal with difficult situations early - before an issue or crisis erupts. How an organisation responds often determines the degree of damage to a corporate reputation. Jigsaw Communications provides the following services to assist companies deal with a crisis:

Risk Assessment - assist senior management to assess all potential risks and identify potential scenarios through interviews with management, field employees and others within the company.

Crisis Manual - Once potential scenarios are identified, Jigsaw Communications provides a crisis manual with detailed management plans to respond effectively to a crisis or the escalation of an issue. The manual includes preventive recommendations, scenarios, key messages, questions and answers, media documents and contact trees.

Training and Simulation - Jigsaw Communications can create crisis simulation exercises where participants respond to a realistic simulation of a crisis with trainers providing a critique of actions and responses. In addition, media training courses can be developed for senior managers/spokespersons on how to deal with the media during a crisis.